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Before we joined the Remington Entertainment team, we were all working with various theater and music companies that produced shows all over the Long Beach, CA area. As experts in lighting and sound, we saw that many performances failed to meet expectations, not due to the performers but the atmosphere that the stage had. Most people do not even think twice about it, but the way that lighting is used in any performance has a critical effect on the mood of that performance. That is why you can benefit from our assistance.
Helping people reach their artistic goals has been our passion since before we were even considered professionals. By working with performers from many different disciplines, we gained a well-rounded knowledge of stage production and how various aspects work with the performance itself. Today, we offer our services to all those who wish to have a successful stage production. We will always work hard to make sure that the show goes well in “Any Event, Any Time, Any Place” because we know how hard you have worked.
Since we consider our craft an art in and of itself, we strive to continually improve our skills the same way that you push yourself to improve yours. The result of our combined efforts will result in a show that goes beyond your expectations and shatters any doubt that you may have had. We make it our priority to see that you and your performers are fully accommodated in every way that we can make possible so that your show is the best that it can be. Call for a consultation and receive a free estimate and quote today!

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