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The last atmosphere building element that goes into stage production is the sound engineering. Compelling music can take your performances to the next level by immersing your audience into the world that your vision has created. Without music and sound effects, your production could appear to be amateur and possibly even mediocre. Fortunately, we here at Remington Entertainment know the ins and outs of sound production and can give you an audio setup and program that commands attention.
With each production that we have worked on, we start by either setting up a sound system or learning how to use the one that already exists within the venue. After we have the technology ready for use, we will listen to your plans so that we know how you want to utilize music production in your show. We have worked with various types of performances and have everything needed to cater to the most complex shows, including concerts production. Many clients have only ever hired us as an instruments supplier.
We know that you want to remain in control of your show, so we will only involve ourselves as much as you want us to. Because we are one of the only companies that offers sound production in Long Beach, CA, we offer many different services including audio production, sound design, and audio engineering. You can also choose to hire a music producer audio producer from our team to work with your existing tech crew. 

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