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In order for a performance to appear professional, it must be performed on a stage that looks official and well constructed. Since not every artist owns their own stage on which to produce shows, most will need another party to come in and assist with building a stage. Whether your performance is going to be held in a well known venue and you need sets to be built or if the show is going to take place in a backyard on a custom stage, we here at Remington Entertainment can give you exactly what you need to be successful.
Once you hire us as your official production management, we will send a stage producer to discuss details of your performance so that we can be sure of what you expect. All of our team members have extensive experience in the entertainment industry and know how to fit the needs of your company. We have spent years doing stage production in Long Beach, CA and know how to be the perfect production assistant for you. With each new event production project we take on, we improve our skills even further.
No matter what type of show you are planning on producing, we will give you the stage that you need to make it happen. Many of our customers have come to us for help with outdoor events, and we have even done a few corporate event performances. Through each job we do, we learn more about how to improve our stage construction skills so that even a small backyard show will look unified and professional. 

​We are here to help you achieve your performance goals, so contact us about our stage builder services today!

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